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Two-legged robot mimics human balance while running and jumping

MIT researchers have developed a new control system that can provide a two-legged robot to keep its stability and balance while running and jumping. [Link]

Artificial skin creates first ticklish devices

Researchers at the University of Bristol in the U.K. and France's Telecomm ParisTech and Sorbonne University have developed an artificial skin-like interface that can be utilized to augment devices like phones, wearables, and computers. [Link]

IBM gives cancer-killing drug AI project to the open source community

Cancer alone is estimated to have made 9.6 million deaths in 2018, with an estimated 18 million new incidents reached in the same year. This is an unfortunate statistics, and many different stakeholders are working in this domain. IBM has released three artificial intelligence (AI) projects tailored to take on the challenge of curing cancer to the open-source community. [Link]

Watch an AI Machine Turn Music Into a Brain-Melting Visualization

Belgium-based machine learning researcher and educator Xander Steenbrugge has developed a neural network that can turn music into trippy visualizations. [Link]

AI Conquers Starcraft II In 'Unimaginably Unusual' AI Breakthrough

Researchers at leading AI firm DeepMind developed a program called AlphaStar capable of reaching the top eSport league for the popular video game, ranking among the top 0.2 percent of all human players. [Link]

Pentagon advisory board releases principles for ethical use of artificial intelligence in warfare

On Thursday, a Pentagon advisory organization called the Defense Innovation Board published a set of ethical principles for how military agencies should design AI-enabled weapons and apply them on the battlefield. [Link]

We Shouldn’t be Scared by ‘Super intelligent A.I.’

An article published by The New York Times on this controversial topic. [Link]

Projects and Products


Streamlit lets you create apps for your machine learning projects with simple Python scripts. [Project Page, Website]

NVIDIA Deep Learning Examples for Tensor Cores

This repository provides the latest deep learning example networks for training. These examples focus on achieving the best performance and convergence from NVIDIA Volta Tensor Cores. [Project Page]


PySlowFast is an open source video understanding codebase from FAIR that provides state-of-the-art video classification models. [Project Page]

Articles and Tutorials

Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning

An article dedicated to explain the difference between the commonly used phrases of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. [Link]

Machine Learning from Scratch-ish

A fundamental article to explain Machine Learning. [Link]

Image Classification With TensorFlow 2.0 ( Without Keras )

A tutorial on how to train an image classification model, using the latest version of the Tensorflow. [Link]

Research Works

SinGAN: Learning a Generative Model from a Single Natural Image

Abstract: We introduce SinGAN, an unconditional generative model that can be learned from a single natural image... [Paper, Code]

SlowFast Networks for Video Recognition

Abstract: We present SlowFast networks for video recognition. Our
model involves (i) a Slow pathway, operating at low frame rate... [Paper, Code]

Non-local Neural Networks

Abstract: Both convolutional and recurrent operations are building blocks that process one local neighborhood at a time. In this paper... [Paper, Code]


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