Random Array

Lesson 6 Chapter 2

Sometimes, it is desired to define an array with random numbers. There are many ways to this task depends on the kind of random numbers we want to use. For example, do we want to generate random integers, float, etc? Take a look at the below approaches:

# Import Numpy library
import numpy as np
### Defining arrays with random elements ###
# Arguments:
#   size: The size of the numpy array
# Defining a random array
randArray = np.random.random(size=(2,3))
print("randArray: ", randArray)
# Defining a random array with integer elements
# high: The highest element that is allowed to be generated is ``high-1``
# low: The lowest integer that is allowed to be generated
randintArray = np.random.randint(low=1, high=5, size=(2,3))
print("randintArray: ", randintArray)

randArray:  [[0.65055144 0.12510875 0.09906024]
	[0.47333278 0.67082837 0.7673982 ]]
randintArray:  [[4 4 1]
	[1 2 2]]

CAVEAT: As we generated a random vector, if you use the above Python code, you definitely will NOT get the results I reported above! It was obvious, though. Right?