Python for Beginners

16 Lessons Easy

About this course

This is a short video course designed for beginners. It assumes the practitioner does not have any prior knowledge about Python programming. The goal is to provide short, concise tutorials dedicated to describe the Python syntax with examples.

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Course Structure

Python Input Strings

Start learning Python with input strings and printing

Basic Data Types

You will learn about Python's basic data types such as integers, floats, and strings.

Python Variables

An introduction to Python variables. This is where you will learn what is the basic definition of a variable, how we can assign value to a variable, and what are variable types.

Python Numbers

We dig into Python numbers, their types, and how to convert them to different types.


In this tutorial, we explain Python strings and the relevant methods.


In this tutorial, we discuss some of the most used Python operators.

Python Lists | Part 1

We'll learn about Python lists; What they are? How they are created? And different operations on their elements.

Python Lists | Part 2

You will learn about Python lists; What they are? How they are created? And different operations on their elements.


In this tutorial, we talk about Python sets. A Python set is an unordered collection data type that has no repeated elements.


In this tutorial, we discuss Python Tuples. Tuples are ordered but you cannot change their elements. Once formed, they are fixed.


In this video, the Python dictionaries are described.

Conditional Statements

In this video, we talk about Python logical and conditional statements and if.. else.. conditional phrases, in particular.

For Loops

In this tutorial, the Python FOR LOOPS is described.

Python TRY and EXCEPT

This video is about a powerful approach in Python called "Try and Except." You will find it useful in everyday Python regardless of what you are doing.


This tutorial is dedicated to Python Functions. You will learn what is a function and how to call it.


This part is dedicated to describe Python classes and objects.

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