Deep Learning Roadmap

Deep Learning Roadmap Ebook

Nowadays, Deep Learning is considered to be a core subset of Machine Learning. Deep Learning is also one of the most effective machine learning approaches. It is considered to be very useful to capture high-dimensional data. Deep Learning has produced notable improvements and exceptional performance in various applications such as computer vision, natural language processing, object detection, face recognition, and speech recognition. This book provides a curated list regarding the theories of deep learning, architectures, and methods. This guide consists of different kinds of resources such as academic papersbooks, and tutorials.


Why do we need such a curated list of resources? We can’t we learn by jumping and digging into Deep Learning? The answer is simple. The are many many different resources, and it is easy to be lost in all of those! The question is that what are the characteristics of a useful resource guide?

The Solution:

The solution is to have a comprehensive, targeted list. By targeted, we mean a list which demonstrates different kind or resources as well as different categories associated with Deep Learning. That’s what you get with this book.