Linear Algebra for Machine Learning Book

Practice and Use Linear Algebra in Machine Learning LIKE A PRO…

Learn and Practice Core Linear Algebra Topics That are Necessary for Machine Learning. In this book, you will get what is necessary for Machine Learning and Deep Learning… 

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You NEED Linear Algebra for Machine Learning

Whether you want to learn Machine Learning for your work or research or you want to become a master, so the others pay you to do it, you need to know how it works. For knowing how it works, you NEED TO KNOW Linear Algebra, which is the foundation of Machine Learning. BUT Linear Algebra is boundless! It would be best if you had an organized book which (1) teaches the most used Linear Algebra concepts in Machine Learning, (2) provides practical notions using everyday used programming languages such as Python, and (3) be concise and NOT unnecessarily lengthy.

What you will learn with from book?

  • Linear Algebra Core Concepts: You will learn what are the most used Linear Algebra notions in Machine Learning.
  • The applications: You will learn what is the application of discussed topics in Machine Learning.
  • Practice, practice, and practice: For each concept, you will have access to the implementation source code in Python and NumPy, and you will learn how to do the work in practice.

What is inside the book?

  • Seven chapters including the core topics
  • A chapter dedicated to NumPy, the great scientific computing package which is necessary for Linear Algebra
  • 30+ source code in Python necessary to implement the presented concepts
  • A preface that gives you enough reasons to learn Linear Algebra for Machine Learning!
  • Tips and advice on how to use Python to work with Linear Algebra
  • Overview of the correlation of the concepts
  • Mathematical proofs for advance users
  • Comprehensive explanation on the source codes

Who should read this book?

Machine Learning Beginners

If you just started to practice Machine Learning and looking for a place to start. It will help if you read this book before delving deep into Machine Learning. The concepts presented in this book do not need a Machine Learning background.

Machine Learning Researchers

You are using Machine Learning in your research and looking to dig deep into concepts that need relatively complicated mathematics. This book provides you the necessary knowledge and mathematical proofs to help in hitting the root and understand the math behind the concepts deeply.

Machine Learning for Real World Use Cases

You desire to apply Machine Learning and need to know the desired notations and practical implementation. The source codes in this book assist you in understanding how you can use Python to frame, organize, and utilize your Machine Learning model in terms of data processing, optimization, and validation.


  • How much will it take to finish this book? Well, that depends on how much time your are spending. You time is important for me so I did my best not being verbose and being concise. I should say you need 50-60 hours to finish that. So if you only have 2 hours per day, it should take about a month. 
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