"Python Machine Learning"

A Book for Everyone

So, you've decided to learn about Machine Learning, but you hate to keep digging numerous resources? You're not alone. That's why we've created this free book to teach you the Machine Learning and Deep Learning core concepts, all in one place, for non-experts that are interested in having a great start.

  • Discover what is Machine Learning and what makes it so powerful. You will also learn what are different types of Machine Learning.

  • Simple, comprehensive tutorials explaining Machine Learning core algorithms!

  • No special background is required! Knowing Python at some basic level, is all you need. Even if you never heard of Machine Learning so far! This book is created for everybody!

Machine Learning so POWERFUL and what are the setbacks

It learns from data just as human, but with much more computational power and of course less intelligently at this moment...


  • It recognizes pattern from a massive data source.

  • Human can catch a break due to automation.

  • Simplicity compared to traditional algorithms. Usually all you need is a data representation.

  • It is easy to engineer. Usually we are not dealing with sophisticated mathematical models or system architecture to train and run and Machine Learning model.

  • It demonstrated superior performance compared to tradition models and even human! Isn't it enough for something to pique our interest?


  • Data hunger. We usually need a lot of data which might be hard to collect and process.

  • Biased results due to the data variation. Machine Learning models are susceptible to error. The model might be biased to a portion of the data for a wide variety of known of unknown reasons.  

  • Privacy issues. As Machine Learning learns from data, the sensitive information might be revealed by the Machine Learning model to the unwanted parties