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Nearest Neighbor Classifier – From Theory to Practice

Introduction The K-nearest neighbors (KNNs) classifier or simply Nearest Neighbor Classifier is a kind of supervised machine learning


Deep Leaning for Natural Language Processing

Useful Resources in Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing Applications. Introduction The purpose of this post is to


How to Frame, Organize and Manage a Competitive Machine Learning Project?

“I was wondering what is the big picture and the general steps?” Perhaps you were asking yourself the


AI News – Issue 1

In the News  Two-legged robot mimics human balance while running and jumping MIT researchers have developed a new


Linear Regression using TensorFlow

Introduction In machine learning and statistics, Linear Regression is the modeling of the relationship between a variable such


The Remarkable Importance of Linear Algebra in Machine Learning

Table Of ContentsIntroductionA Fundamental Question Why Linear Algebra is Necessary for Machine Learning?SummaryResourcesBooksOnline Materials Introduction Our goal is