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The Easy Approach to Access a Kaggle Dataset in Google Colab

This tutorial aims to show you a very easy and straightforward approach to import a Kaggle dataset into


Healthcare and the Importance of Big Data

Have you ever ask yourself why data matters in healthcare? Most of us believe the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling


Resizing a Video is Unbelievably Fast by GPU Acceleration – A Tutorial

In this tutorial, I describe how to resize a video using GPU accelerated libraries supported by FFMPEG in


Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)

This tutorial is dedicated to explaining the concept of Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and its applications. You will


Nearest Neighbor Classifier – A Working Example

In this post, we present a working example of the k-nearest neighbor classifier. Previously we covered the theory


Linear Independence of Vectors and Its Importance

This tutorial in dedicated to the concept of linear independence of vectors and its associations with the solution


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